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This 6 storey KOMPLEKS BALAI ISLAM with MASJID AL-GHUFRAN on the ground and mezzanine floor was built on donated (WAKAF) land and funds donated by the public.

This building besides having a mosque as a place of worship, also provides other amenities and conveniences for use of all Muslims. It provides rooms for accommodation and also a large conference, seminar and meeting rooms. We also provide with an ala carte catering facilities to include breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner for all patrons. All these conveniences are available to the Muslim public at minimal rates.

We have 18 accommodation rooms (Kamar Musafir) ala Hotel as accommodation for visitors and their families who travel to Kuala Lumpur whether on business trip, visiting relatives, attending weddings, convocation etc.

For businessmen, corporate bodies, government and semi government bodies this complex is most suitable for holdings seminars, conferences and meetings.

The location of this complex is strategic as it is situated at the edge of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail facing the Damansara/Puchong Highway (LDP) on the border of Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya. Shopping Malls and shops, school of higher learning, UIA, UM, University Hospital, Damansara Specialists Centre, Selayang Hospital and other conveniences and amenities are located within the vicinity of this complex.

Travelling time from this complex to Lapangan Terbang Subang is only 10 minutes, KLIA is only 30 minutes and Kuala Lumpur City Centre is only 20 minutes.

Amenities / Conveniences

18 rooms (ala Hotel)

Conveniences available in all the Rooms

Rates (per night)
1. Family Room RM 60.00
2. Double Room RM 45.00

Ala Carte Food and Drinks for Patrons of 'Kamar Musafir' and Conference Hall and Meeting Rooms

Dining Hall Accommodates 200 pax at any one time

Conference/Seminar Rooms and Meeting Rooms.

Full size conference Hall accommodates 140 pax and can be partitioned (sound proof) to 3 smaller conference rooms. Also available 3 meeting rooms for the convenience of our visitors

Convenience provided at these Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms:

Rates (per day)
1. Full size Conference Room RM 400.00
2. Conference Room 1 RM 200.00
3. Conference Room 2 RM 150.00
4. Conference Room 3 RM 100.00
5. Meeting Room 1 RM 80.00
6. Meeting Room 2 RM 40.00
7. Meeting Room 3 RM 60.00

Car Park parking for 100 cars at any one time

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